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We are happy to assist you, please contact our Customer Service at support.labshop.sg@dksh.com / +65 6962 3012.

How can I apply for a login account?

Unfortunately, our LabShop is currently only available for existing 3M customers. Please contact tec-marketing.sin@dksh.com for your enquiries.

What is my login account and password?
An email with the login details has been sent to your Company’s Purchaser. Do approach them for the login account and password.  If you are our existing 3M customers and have yet to receive an email from us, please contact tec-marketing.sin@dksh.com.

How do I update my password?
Click HERE
 to login with the pre-registered email address and temporary password that have assigned for you. Go to your user account and update your new password under “Contact & Sign-In Information”. Please take note that your new password must be a combination of capital letters, small letters, numbers & special character.

How do I change my account details?
Please contact our Customer Service at support.labshop.sg@dksh.com 
/ +65 6962 3012.

I would like to request a quotation for my purchases, can I get it through DKSH LabShop?
We are unable to auto-generate a quotation from DKSH LabShop.  Please contact our product manager for the quotation.

Can I attach my PO in the “Check Out” page?
Unfortunately, our website is unable to support attachments for now. Please indicate your PO number under the “PO No, Delivery Instructions & Comments” comment box in the “Check Out” page instead.

Order and Payment
What is the minimum order for this DKSH LabShop?
A minimum spending of SGD$ 400 is required to check out your cart in our DKSH LabShop.

Can I place an order below SGD $400?
You will not be able to check out your cart with an order below SGD $400 in our DKSH LabShop. Please contact your DKSH Product Manager to process your order.

How to manage blanket orders with DKSH LabShop?
You can place blanket orders through our DKSH LabShop. Add the entire order into your cart and check them out. On the “Check Out” page, please indicate “Blanket Order” under the “PO No, Delivery Instructions & Comments” comment box, and send a separate email with the blanket order instructions to support.labshop.sg@dksh.com.

What payment options are available?
Two payment methods are available in our LabShop.  You can choose to pay with PayPal for Credit/Debit card transactions or pay with credit terms under your Corporate Account.

Shipping and Delivery
What is the delivery charges for this platform?
There is no delivery charge for every order purchase within Singapore.

My shipping address is incorrect. How do I change the address?
Please send an email to support.labshop.sg@dksh.com with your updated shipping address. The new address will be updated in your account within 5-7 working days.

How can I track my order?
Currently, you are not able to track your shipping information in DKSH LabShop. However, upon your successful order, you will receive a confirmation email. Our team will then contact you separately via email to confirm with you on your delivery date.

Order History
Can I see the past orders that I have placed in DKSH LabShop?
Yes, you can check on your past orders placed in DKSH LabShop under “Order History”.

Can I see the past purchases made by my colleague in his/ her account?
Currently, you are only able to see the past purchases made by your own account under “Order History”.

User Guide to Navigate our DKSH LabShop
Click HERE for tips to navigate our DKSH LabShop.

Past Webinar, including Demonstration of our DKSH LabShop

Click HERE to view our virtual workshop video held on 14 Dec 2022, where we introduced the platform to some of our existing customers. 


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