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Haier Spark Free Freezer DW-30L278SF

Haier Bio-Medical -- Item TECPIM000064484
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The Haier Spark Free Freezer DW-30L278SF from Haier Bio-Medical is a high-performance freezer designed for laboratories and hospitals. With its explosion-proof interior and hydrocarbon energy-saving compressor, it ensures the safety of your samples while reducing energy consumption. Offering a capacity of 278 liters and a temperature range of -10 to -30°C, it can store a variety of samples at the optimal temperature for preservation. The freezer features excellent temperature uniformity, low noise, and is CE and ATEX certified. Equipped with an audible and visual alarm system, it alerts you to potential problems. With its microprocessor-controlled system and LCD display, accurate temperature control and monitoring is ensured. The Haier Spark Free Freezer DW-30L278SF is a reliable and versatile freezer backed by a one-year warranty.

Product Details

Model DW-30L278SF
Product Type Equipment
Part Number DW-30L278SF
Brand Haier Bio-Medical
Gross Dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Net Dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Gross Weight (kg)
Net Weight (kg)

Capacity 278/9.8 L/Cu.Ft
Cabinet Type Upright
Certificate CE, ATEX

Haier Bio-Medical

Haier Biomedical was founded to focus on design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of low temperature storage equipment for biomedical samples. Using the concept of IoT, the company has become a provider of comprehensive solutions for various biotechnological challenges. Operating globally, Haier Biomedical, the world’s only complete cold chain provider, has solutions storage for biological sample banks, blood safety, vaccine safety, medical supplies and reagent safety.