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Daihan SMART Oven, Forced Convection, Standard, ThermoStable SOF-105, 105Lit., 230V DH.SWOF05105

DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd. -- Item TECPIM000058523
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Daihan Water Bath Fuzzy control, 6lit. WB-6, 230V DH.WB000106

The Daihan Water Bath Fuzzy control, 6lit. WB-6, 230V DH.WB000106 is a laboratory-grade water bath with advanced fuzzy logic control technology for precise temperature regulation and uniform heating distribution.


  • Accurate Temperature Control: Fuzzy logic control ensures precise temperature regulation.
  • Uniform Heating Distribution: Maintains consistent temperature throughout the bath.
  • Durable Construction: Stainless steel tank and exterior for long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to Use: Clear digital display and intuitive controls make operation simple.

Product Details

Model DH.SWOF05105
Product Type Equipment
Part Number DH.SWOF05105
Brand DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd.
Gross Dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Net Dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Gross Weight (kg)
Net Weight (kg)

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