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Biokar Chloramphenicol glucose Agar - Ready-to-melt medium 10 vials 100 mL BM02108

Biokar -- Item TECPIM000061824
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The Biokar Chloramphenicol Glucose Agar is a ready-to-melt medium used for the selective isolation and cultivation of anaerobic bacteria. Each pack contains 10 vials, each with 100 mL of medium.


- Selective medium: The Chloramphenicol in the agar inhibits the growth of most aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria, allowing for the isolation of anaerobic species.

- Easy to use: The ready-to-melt format simplifies the preparation process, saving time and effort.

- Reliable results: The medium allows for the differentiation of anaerobic bacteria based on their ability to ferment glucose, aiding in their identification.

- Quality controlled: The product undergoes rigorous quality control procedures to ensure performance and sterility.

- Versatile packaging: Available in various sizes, including 10 vials of 100 mL each, offering flexibility in laboratory settings.

Product Details

Product Type Consumables
Part Number BM02108
Brand Biokar
Gross Dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Net Dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Gross Weight (kg)
Net Weight (kg)

Format Ready To Use
Packing Size 10vial


Biokar Diagnostics is the microbiology division of the Solabia group, dedicated to the development, production and selling of culture media, supplements and detection kits for microbiology laboratories.


With over 300 products and a presence in over 40 countries, Biokar Diagnostics has acquired an international reputation for the quality of his products and innovative solutions.