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Material and Chemical Solutions


With our many years of market research and exposure in the material science industry, we provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers who operate in the highly demanding production sector and have laboratory advancement requirements. We offer you a suite of solutions comprising technologically-advanced features with safety assurance.

Our comprehensive range of instrumentation products, and highly skilled application and service support teams can assist you and your business in a wide range of applications.

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Product testing and certification assure manufacturers, property owners and developers that the building materials used in their projects meet the quality, safety and environmental sustainability requirements.

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Understand raw material quality instabilities, environmental regulations compliance, particulate agglomeration, flowability, undesired viscosity and contamination.

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Material characterizations and control may require the measurement of molecular weight and branching of polymers, the measurement of particle size and morphology of raw materials, both the primary and residual concentration of monomers in an end-product.

Raw Material Exploration

Utilizing the latest technologies and technically and scientifically proven methodologies in product development, our instruments are capable of detecting and identifying raw materials with unrivalled accuracy and reliability. These advantages make raw materials exploration efficient, accurate, safe and profitable to the end users.

Material Inspection and Analysis

Identifying conforming and nonconforming material is crucial at the inspection stage, contributing to operational performance and productivity. With the latest technology, material analysis processes can be optimized through online monitoring to improve process control during quarry development.

Production and Processing

We offer a diverse range of mineral processing solutions and technologies that improve process efficiencies and aid the economic extraction of valuable resources. Our solutions include consultancy and technical support focusing on applications such as grinding, flotation, hydrometallurgy, solid liquid separation and materials handling. Our solutions, not only aim to reduce, but also optimize the cost of minerals extraction committing cost such as power and grinding media which represent some of the largest costs in milling. The instruments and solutions we provide will help in the overall efficiency and process cost optimization.

Lab Advancement

Laboratory advancement consists of two major elements:

  • Quality management including quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA)
  • R&D including material research and product/method development

Quality management systems are used in conjunction with quality improvement activities to identify the causes of quality issues followed by developing strategies to eliminate these problems. It is an essential investment for the technology roadmap which is transformed into product development, process optimization and cost reduction. In industrial and technology sectors, R&D is a crucial component of innovation and one of the key factors in developing new competitive advantages. DKSH ensures that both the elements are in good hands by providing not only a wide range of laboratory instruments, scientific equipment and consumables but also the knowledge base of our experienced applications specialists and a well-trained service support team.


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