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Clinical & Diagnostics


At DKSH, we collaborate with leading manufacturers of clinical and diagnostic instruments to deliver cutting-edge technology that drives better health outcomes for patients. Our extensive portfolio of diagnostic infectious disease products features top-quality raw materials sourced from respected IVD manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for the detection and diagnosis of viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic diseases, providing valuable insights that enable healthcare professionals to make informed treatment decisions.

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Our clinical and diagnostic instruments are designed to deliver precise and accurate results, ensuring that healthcare professionals have the information they need to make informed treatment decisions.

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Our instruments are built with the latest technology to provide fast and efficient results, helping healthcare professionals diagnose and treat patients more quickly and effectively.

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comprehensive range of diagnostic solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual patients and healthcare providers, offering versatile and flexible options for disease detection and diagnosis.

Additionally, our passion for human health outcomes extends to products for advanced genetic testing and analysis including real-time and digital PCR. We have a wide range of genetic tests and molecular biology assays including liquid biopsy tests for cancer diagnostics, infectious diseases, prenatal testing, and GMO detection.


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