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Biokar D-cycloserine 200 mg selective supplement 10 vials qsp 500 mL BS00608

Biokar -- Item TECPIM000061936
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Biokar D-cycloserine 200 mg selective supplement is a specialized product used in microbial culture media for the isolation and cultivation of specific microorganisms. It is a synthetic analog of the natural amino acid L-serine and acts by inhibiting the synthesis of the bacterial cell wall. This inhibits the growth of bacteria that require D-amino acids for cell wall synthesis.


• Highly Selective: Biokar D-cycloserine is highly selective in its action against certain bacteria, allowing for targeted growth inhibition while supporting the growth of desired microorganisms.

• Effective against Resistant Bacteria: It has demonstrated efficacy against some antibiotic-resistant bacteria, providing a valuable tool in combating infections caused by these resistant strains.

• Research Applications: Biokar D-cycloserine is widely used in research to investigate bacterial physiology, genetics, and antibiotic resistance mechanisms.

Product Details

Product Type Consumables
Part Number BS00608
Brand Biokar
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Gross Weight (kg)
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Type Supplement
Packing Size 10vial


Biokar Diagnostics is the microbiology division of the Solabia group, dedicated to the development, production and selling of culture media, supplements and detection kits for microbiology laboratories.


With over 300 products and a presence in over 40 countries, Biokar Diagnostics has acquired an international reputation for the quality of his products and innovative solutions.