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Energy & Resources Solutions


We provide a range of instruments and solutions to assist our customers in the energy sector develop and optimize processes.

The need for developing cost effective and efficient processes for the continued refinement of crude oil and gas, conversion of renewable energy sources such as biomass and methods for carbon capture and carbon sequestration has increased tremendously.

Our scientific instruments ensure that you can run fast and accurate quality controls in your laboratories to support your manufacturing and process development.

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Optimize exploration and drilling operations, reduce costs and increase efficiency with our cutting-edge equipment. Gain valuable insights into the geology and composition of oil and gas reservoirs.

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From distillation equipment and process control systems to analyzers for monitoring key parameters, we offer a comprehensive tools, solutions & on-going support to optimize production and refining operations to ensure optimal performance.

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Meet industry standards and regulatory requirements, while also improving product quality and consistency. Our equipment can help you reduce costs and mitigate risks by identifying potential issues before they become problems.

Throughout the process of drilling for oil, refining petroleum, and manufacturing products, the measurement of volatile, semi-volatile, and metal components in petrochemicals is important in laboratories, quality control, and process monitoring.

Petroleum and manufacturing products, the measurement of volatile, semi-volatile and metal components in petrochemicals is important in laboratories, quality control and process monitoring.

Petrochemical testing can extend to trace and ultra-trace level analysis, including purity and component, trace composition, trace contamination, quality control, troubleshooting, and other chemical analysis. Our chemical laboratory can analyze petrochemical products for:

  • Metal contamination such as aluminum, lead and iron
  • Chlorides/chlorine
  • Sulfur content
  • Elemental analysis like aluminum, silica, vanadium, copper, and iron samples that are tested include a wide range of petroleum products from gasoline, diesel to asphalt and bitumen. Others samples include a variety of plastics and polymers derived from petrochemicals.

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